For fathers;
First health, then shopping.

In the Controlled Social Life process,
On June 21 Fathers from stores in Turkey with the first real outlet center concept Specails Mall Outlet Center Izmit site for your shopping day;

ADIDAS OUTLET: Men's T-shirt: 99,90TL - Men's Sub Sweatpants: 199,90TL - Men's shoes: 299,90TL (Prices starting at)

ATASAY OUTLET: Men's bracelet: 275,00TL - Rosary: 250,00TL - Atasay Parfüm: 380,00TL (starting prices)

ATASUN OPTICS: Sunglasses: 89,00TL (starting prices)

THE WORLD OF SHOES: Men's Slippers: 59,43TL - Men wallet: 69,99TL - Men's Sports Shoes: 101,49TL - Kemer: $ 9.99 (starting prices)

BAMBI: Men's shoes: 99,99TL - Wallet: 79,99TL - Belt: 54,99TL (starting prices)

BEYMEN BUSINESS: Men's Shirt: 69,99TL - Men's T-shirt: 79,99TL - Men's Pants: 89,99TL - Suit: 499.99 (starting prices)

CALVIN KLEIN: Men's Slippers: 59,90TL  Men's T-shirt: 79,90TL - Men's Shirt: 129,90TL - Men's Pants: 169,90TL (starting prices)

CENTO to: Men's T-shirt: 64,50TL - Men's Shirt: 99,50TL - Men's Pants: 129,50TL - Suit: 39.99TL (Prices starting at)

COLIN'S: Men's T-shirt: 39,90TL - Men's Pants: 69,90TL - Men's Shirt: 89,90TL - Belt: 44,90TL (starting prices)

DOUBLE DEER KARACA: Men's T-shirts (2 Piece): - Men's jacket: 99,99TL - Men's Shirts (2 Pieces): 149,99TL – Men's Trousers (2 Piece): $ 3.99 (starting prices)

defacto: Men's T-shirt: 24,99TL - Men's Shorts: 29,99TL - Men's Pants: 49,99TL - Men's Shirt: £ 9.99 (starting at prices)

DERİMOD WAREHOUSE: Male Shoe: 149,99TL - Belt: 79,99TL - Leather coat: $ 199.99 (starting prices)

DUFY OUTLET: Men's Shirt: 49,90TL - Men's T-shirt: 59,90TL - Men's Pants: 69,90TL - Men's jacket: £ 0.99 (starting from prices)

FLOOR: Men's Slippers: $ 19.99 - Men's shoes: 79,99TL - Belt: $ 9.99 (starting prices)

HATEMOĞLU: Men's Shirt: 99,90TL - Men's T-shirt: 99,90TL - Men's Pants: 129,90TL - Suit: 399,90TL - Wallet: 79,90TL (starting prices)

HUMMEL: Men's T-shirt: 49,95TL - Male Bottom Tracksuit Bottom: 109,00TL - Men's shoes: 150,00TL (starting prices)

KEMAL TANCA: Men's shoes: 199,99TL - Belt: 99,99TL - Wallet: £ 0.99 (from starting prices)

LC WAIKIKI OUTLET: Men's Shirt: 24,99TL - Men's T-shirt: 29,99TL - Men's Pants: 49,99TL - Men's jacket: £ 7.99 (from starting prices)

LEE COOPER: Men's T-shirt: 79,99TL - Men's Shirt: 159,99TL - Men's Pants: $ 39.99 (starting prices)

LEVI'S: Men's T-shirt: 79,90TL - Men's Shirt: 149,90TL - Men's Jean: 339,90TL (starting prices)

BLUE: Men's Trousers (2 Pieces): 199,99TL  Men's Shirts (2 Pieces): 169,99TL - Men's T-shirt (2 Pieces): 49,99TL (starting prices)

NETWORK: Men's Shirt: 69,99TL - Men's T-shirt: 69,99TL - Men's Pants: 99,99TL - Suit: 349,99TL (starting prices)

NIKE FACTORY STORE: Men's T-shirt: 89,90TL - Men's Sweatshirt: 122,90TL - Men's shoes: 224,90TL (starting prices)

OUTLET VAKKO: Tie: 59,99TL - Men's Shirt: 69,99TL - Men's T-shirt: 69,99TL  Men's Pants: 129,99TL  Suit: 39.99TL (Prices starting at)

PIERRE CARDIN: Men's T-shirt: 100,00TL - Men's Shirt: 100,00TL - Men's Pants: 150,00TL (starting prices)

PUMA: Men's T-shirt: 79,90TL - Men's shoes: 249,90TL - Men's Shorts: 99,90TL (prices starting from)

PALE: Men's Shirt: 49,99TL - Tie (3 Piece): 59,99TL - Trousers: 69,99TL - Suit: 399,99TL (starting prices)

SKECHERS: Men's T-shirt: 35,50TL - Men's Shorts: 64,50TL - Men's shoes: 334,50TL (starting prices)

TOMMY HILFIGER: Men's T-shirt: 69,90TL - Men's shoes: 109,90TL - Men's Shirt: 129,90TL - Men's Pants: 149,90TL (starting prices)

Turkcell: Bluetooth headphone: 50,00TL - Bluetooth Radio: 150,00TL (starting prices)

US POLO ASSN .: Men's T-shirt: 79,99TL - Men's Shirt: 99,99TL - Men's Pants: 99,99TL - Belt: £ 9.99 (starting at prices)

UNDER ARMOR: Men's T-shirt: 129,90TL - Men's Slippers: 159,90TL  Men's shoes: 379,90TL  Hat: £ 0.99 (starting from prices)

WATSONS: Perfume Set: 79,95TL - Shaving kit: £ 0.99 (from starting prices)