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Outlet Center is the mall which prestigious brands offer their products with smashing prices and special discounts at low-cost areas close to metropols. Outlet Center İzmit, the first outlet center in Turkey, founded in April 1997, offers famous brands’ trendy products for a good buy. The mall bands quality and affordable prices together in the same area, and offers end of line products at affordable prices throughout the year. Above being a mall, it also gives an opportunity to have a good time with your beloved ones, at one of the on-site cafes and restaurants. In Outlet Center İzmit, you can find 55 factory outlet stores, 4 restaurants, 3 cafes, a gym, recreation areas for kids and adults. Total area: 144.000m² Rentable area: 28.777m² Parking capacity: 2.500 cars (Free)
Outlet Center Izmit was opened in April 1997. Since over 20 years, Turkey's first real outlet center and the title of the famous brand manufacturers offering quality services with prices giving to customers who want to provide a very affordable price. It presents the end of series and production surplus goods of high quality brands to its customers with year-long outlet prices and brings the concept of ı factory-to-factory üretim together with quality.
Outlet Center Izmit has managed to be a quality living center by going beyond being a shopping center.
Outlet Center Izmit has a factory store of 55 famous brands, 4 restaurants, 3 cafes, a gym, entertainment areas for children and adults.

Outlet Center Izmit with Numbers
Total area: 144.000m²
Leasable area: 28.777m²
Parking capacity: 2,500 vehicles (Free Parking)

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