For the feast;
First health, then shopping.

In the Controlled Social Life process,
It has an outdoor shopping mall concept and Turkey's first true outlet center in Izmit Outlet Center stores within the Feast of Ramadan, the ones we choose for your shopping;

ATASAY OUTLET: Baguette Ring: 1.390,00TL - Baguette Necklace: 1.390,00TL - Baguette Earrings: 2.590,00TL (starting prices)

ATASUN OPTICS: Optical glasses: 48,00TL - Color Lens: 60,00TL  Sunglasses: 89,00TL (starting prices)

BEYMEN BUSINESS: T-shirts (2 Pieces): 119,99TL - Shirts (2 Pieces): 139,99TL - Jacket: 299,99TL (prices starting from)

COLIN'S: Women's T-shirt: 27,90TL – Men's T-shirt: 39,90TL - Women's Pants: 89,90TL - Men's Pants: 119,90TL (starting prices)

defacto: Women's T-shirt: 9,99TL - Men's T-shirt: 12,99TL (starting prices)

DERİMOD WAREHOUSE: Women's Slippers: 39,99TL - Men's shoes: £ 0.99 (from starting prices)

ENZA HOME: Pillow: 31,90TL - Single Comforter: 58,30TL - Single Duvet Cover Set: £ 0.99 (starting from prices)

FLOOR: Women's Shoes: 39,99TL - Men's shoes: 39,99TL - Children's Shoes: $ 9.99 (Prices starting at)

HATEMOĞLU: Shirt: 99,99TL - Trousers: 99,99TL - Shoe: 149,99TL - Jacket: 299,99TL - Suit: 39.99TL (Prices starting at)

HUMMEL: T-shirts: 30,00TL - Bottom Tracksuit: 80,00TL - Top Tracksuit: 80,00TL - Shoe: 150,00TL (prices starting from)

KEMAL TANCA: Women's Shoes: 99,00TL  Men's shoes: 159,00TL (starting prices)

LC WAIKIKI OUTLET: Women's Body: 19,99TL - Women's Pants: 29,99TL - Women's Pajamas Set: 40,99TL  Men's T-shirt: 24,99TL - Men's Shirt: 29,99TL - Men's Pants: £ 9.99 (starting at prices)

LC WAIKIKI OUTLET (Child): Skirt: 9,99TL - Girl's Pajamas Set: 19,99TL - Male Bottom Track suit: 19,99TL - Men's Swimming Wear Team: $ 9.99 (starting prices) 

LEE COOPER: T-shirts: 54,99TL  Shirt: 159,99TL - Men's Pants: 189,99TL (prices starting from)

LEVI'S: T-shirts: 52,99TL - Trousers: 149,90TL - Denim Jacket: 249,90TL (prices starting from)

MADAME MOSS: Pajamas Bottom: 12,90TL - T-shirt: 19,90TL - Tights: 29,90TL (starting prices)

MINEL OUTLET: Trousers: 50,00TL - Shirt: 50,00TL - Tunic: 75,00TL (starting prices)

PALLET SHOES: Female Ballet: 25,00TL - Men's shoes: 50,00TL - Children's Shoes: 75,00TL (prices starting from)

PANÇO OUTLET: T-shirts: 15,90TL - Trousers: 39,00TL - Dress: 49,90TL (starting prices)

PIERRE CARDIN: Men's Shirt: 89,95TL - Men's Pants: 129.95TL (starting prices)

PUMA: Women's Sweatshirt: 99,90TL - Men's T-shirt: 80,00TL - Men's shoes: 194,00TL (starting prices)

PALE:  Shirt: 49,99TL - Trousers: 69,99 - Suit: 39.99TL (Prices starting at)

SKECHERS: Children's Shoes: 149,00TL - Women's Shoes: 249,00TL - Men's shoes: 349,00TL (starting prices)

TIFFANY & TOMATO: Knitwear: 29,99TL - T-shirt: 69,99TL (prices starting from)

TOYZZ SHOP: Ada Bebek: 47,99TL - Drum Set: 59,99TL - Remote-controlled car: £ 9.99 (Prices starting from)

US POLO ASSN .: Women's Shirt: 59,95TL - Men's Shirt: 69,95TL - Male Chino Pants: 79,95TL (starting prices)